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HHS-Washington, DC/College Park Complex Chapter




Blacks In Government (BIG) was established in 1975 and incorporated in 1976 by a small group of African Americans at the Public Health Services which is a part of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (now Department of Health and Human Services). The organization was viewed as essential to the Black Civil Service employees struggling to overcome a wide assortment of racially-related problems at HEW’s Rockville, Maryland, facility. Initially, it was thought that the umbrella organization would address only the problems at the Federal level, and BIG was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the District of Columbia jurisdiction. It became readily apparent, however, that state, county, and municipal Black employees were facing with the same type of employment problems that led to BIG’s founding. Thus, the organization quickly national response to the need for African Americans in public service to organize around issues of mutual concern and use their collective strength to confront workplace and community issues. BIG’s goals are to promote EQUITY in all aspects of American life, EXCELLENCE in public service, and OPPORTUNITY for all Americans. Click the "MORE" button for additional information on the organization.


Blacks in Government (BIG) is a professional organization for the civil service employee. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), College Park Complex Chapter is comprised of employees of HHS and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who are located in Washington, DC and College Park, Maryland.We takes pride in developing growth within our Organization, our community, and amongst our members. We work hard to develop opportunities for our BIG community members to connect and share in order to develop a cohesive, family oriented community atmosphere. The BIG DC/CP Complex Chapter Blog provides a realm of opportunity for BIG members, members of the community, and people interested in the Organization's values, to share thoughts, ideas, network, and exchange knowledge. Click the "MORE" button for additional information on the national organization.





At BIG we enjoy donating time and resources to benefit our community and improve the quality of life for community residents. From Scholarship awards, to donations, to inspiring school visits, we take pride in extending a helping hand.


Our BIG organization hosts various events and activities for our members and surrounding communities. Please check out our upcoming events.


Any person who is in accord with the philosophy, principles, policies and objectives of this organization, and agrees to adhere to the same, may become a member of the organization regardless of race, creed, religion, or sex, with consent of the Board of Directors by paying the annual membership fee, provided he or she is qualified as stated herein. To Join Blacks In Government, in our chapter or a chapter at your nearest agency, please click the "Join BIG" link and fill out our electronic "New Membership Registration" form. To renew your membership with Blacks In Government's HHS-Washington, DC/College Park Complex Chapter, please click the "Renew" link below and fill out our electronic "Membership Renewal" form.


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